Is There A Conflict Between Faith And Origins Science?

When it comes to evolution and Big Bang cosmology, what positions do different faith communities take? There's actually less conflict between the faith and science communities than you might think. And while there has been no shortage of controversies between the two camps—with disputes about the science curriculum in US public schools a relatively current one—only 11% of Americans belong to religions that openly reject evolution or Big Bang Cosmology. Take a look at the graph below and hover over any religion to see its position on the matter or click to see more details.

of the U.S. population


% of the U.S. population

Community Division (%)

Quote from faith community's leaders (if available)

Anglican/Episcopal Lutheran Presbyterian Congregationalist Restorationist Pentecostal Holiness Mormon Adventist Baptist Orthodox OtherChristian Jehovah's Witness Reformed Methodist Jewish Other Faiths Unitarian Universalist Muslim Hindu Buddhist Non-denominational No religious affiliation Catholic


Graphic by: Chris Spurlock
Source: The MIT Survey on Science, Religion and Origins


Possible conflict

No conflict

Insufficient information